Melody, Carter, Lily and Bentley

September 24, 2016


Bentley was surrendered to the local shelter along with 8 other dogs. The owner stated he could not care for them anymore. Bentley was fostered by Lisa.
Lilly was left in the after-hours drop off kennel with no information. Meredith stepped up to foster this cutie!
Carter and Melody were picked up by Animal Control and not reclaimed. Katherine and Sarah fostered these two cuties. 


Left to right -

Rhonda holding the beautiful little Lily,

Team Mutt Muffs John and Michele with Miss Melody,

Katherine holding Mister Bentley,

and Trent with Carter


Look at the smiles.  

Not too long ago, their lives hung in the balance.  

Thanks to the selfless work of so many volunteers, we hope they never remember the bad times.  




Lily is absolutely too cute for words.  Her foster stay in Philadelphia should be very short.  


With two airplane rides under their belts, all the lovelies are now at KLOM.

We wish them futures full of joy and happiness.

Full bellies, warm beds, belly rubs and squeaky toys for all!

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