Mama Dog & Six Puppies - April 9, 2009

A mama pit/mix found herself at the pound in Rock Hill, SC. We don't know how she wound up there, but her condition would break your heart. Overcrowded conditions meant her time there would be very short before they would have to euthanize her. Her puppies were only 3 or 4 weeks old. Through the power of the internet, their plight touched the hearts of Larry and Donna Karas with Another Chance Pet Rescue in New York. The following pilots deserve many thanks for getting these wonderful dogs home.

Leg 1 - Ray M.
Leg 2 - Nick O.
Leg 3 - Paul S.

Team Mutt Muffs was grounded this time while the plane is in the shop for maintenance. But we still had the privilege of providing hospitality during the 5-hour layover in Westminster, MD


Pleased to meet ya!


Don't mind if I bite ya!
Ooooh! Grass! This is way better than the pound.
Everyone look cute!
Mama dog was so sweet. Unbelievable considering her condition and how she must have lived up until now. Poor thing was a bag of bones. She was so loveable and bonded immediately. I know she must have thought that she was finally home, so I didn't have the heart to tell her right away that this was just a temporary layover.
But at 8:00, we all went to Carroll County Airport to meet her next pilot Paul, who would fly her and her puppies to rescue and new homes in Rochester, NY. I got a kiss and a thank you from sweet mama. I feel I was overpaid.
ARF pilot Paul and Dorothy took loving charge of the brood, and had the honor of flying the gang to their new home. We wish all of them a happy new life.


Thank you everyone!!!!! We are home and have Mom and babies safely settled in for the night. What a wonderful Easter gift to give "Sierra" the love and care she truly deserves. The babies are already showing signs of distinct personalities.

Of all the emails I get to save so many dogs doomed to die, I do not know why this one tugged at my heart more than any other. I had no idea how I would get them to NY, but all of you made it possible. My heartfelt gratitude to all.

Donna and Larry Karas
Another Chance Pet Rescue Rochester, NY

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