November 14, 2010 - Muppet

“Boston Terrier, not fixed, free to a good home”...

Hi!  My name is Muppet. I am approx. 4 ½ yrs. old.  I didn’t think life could get any better until many folks came to my RESCUE.  My story begins where I want to remember. 

My skin itched so badly, all I could do was scratch, bite, and roll.   My heart was hurting and my ears weren’t working.  Lying in my crate, the door opens, it’s a bright light!  They, my rescue parents, scooped me up and a good life began.  Their wealth of love comforted me into, a long awaited, restful sleep.

My new home was great, but I still wasn’t feeling good.  The vet people said that I have heartworms and would have to go through treatment with strict confinement.  My skin felt better, but my deafness was permanent. 

Today, I’m heartworm free!  Frisbee and chasing water drips are two of my FAVORITE things to do.  I am smart.  Sign language is my vocabulary and watching hand movements is more interesting now than before. I LOVE my rescue parents, but HATE my extended furry family…especially, that older furry female.   I’ll get her when she least expects it. 

One too many times I guess.   It’s been a year now and I still don’t like that furry old lady or any-furry-body else for that matter!  My rescue mom is crying as my rescue dad makes several phone calls.  I guess I’ll be moving along.

Joe, Marlana, Karen (Boston Terrier Rescue of East TN) and Michele (Paws & Pilots) stepped up to save my day.  Realizing the urgency of our situation, they found a safe place for me with Karen (my new foster mom).  And Michele only charged me a few kisses for the safe flight to York, PA.

I am a very happy pup and couldn’t feel luckier for this opportunity of a lifetime!

Muppet's foster Dad says his goodbyes and wishes the little girl a safe flight and a very bright and happy future

We meet the adorable little Muppet at Elkins, WV (KEKN).   She's being held by her foster mom, Angie

Miss Muppet is deaf, but she hardly considers that a handicap.   She is playful and happy and just loves everybody.

I collect payment for the flight.   Puppy kisses.
Muppet and Cheri settling in for the flight.  Dogs are the most trusting creatures.  
Muppet saying goodbye to the best family she has known in her short life.   She can't know it, but she will some day soon have a permanent family of her very own.
Team Mutt Muffs Cheri and Michele, with the adorable little Muppet.   She was a very good flyer
Some family will be lucky to have this little girl.
As we began our descent into York, PA, Muppet woke up from her nap, well-rested and ready to meet her new foster mom.   

Muppet meets her new foster Mom, Karen, at York, PA.

We wish her the best.   She deserves it.


I am so happy everyone had a safe trip. I am honored I could help Muppet in this new journey in life. Thanks to Angie and family for giving Muppet a home and contacting us when you needed help. You did not give up on her when so many others would have.  You gave her another chance at life. Thanks to Michele for giving her a ride to her new foster home, our rescue can never begin to thank you enough. Thanks to Karen for opening your home and heart to Muppet. Thanks to Joe for believing in me. 
And to Muppet thank you for not giving up on us, thanks for being a good girl on the flight. I wish you a happy life with your new family. 
This was my first job as Pilots&Paws Transport Coordinator for Boston Terrier Rescue of East TN, I appreciate everyone's help. 

Marlana S. Anderson
Sanctuary Coordinator And Pilots&Paws Transport Coordinator 
Boston Terrier Rescue of East TN


How to thank you all! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!  You are a true blessing and Muppet is so worth it. 
Angie & Brian


Life can turn on a dime.   It's amazing how the lives of so many humans can connect thru a little dog.

I know dogs love to ride, especially Bostonians and they really love to fly.   Gets them closer to the Boss I guess.

Dogs know.


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