Myra, George & Sandy

Saturday, August 15, 2015



Today we helped three more beauties travel to happy homes

This is the story of George, Sandy and Myra

Rhonda with George:

Animal Control received a call about a dog wandering the neighborhood for around 2 weeks. AC picked up George on May 2nd and brought to the shelter. He was then thought to have been blind. After many attempts to get George in a blind dog rescue with no luck, Chances Angel Rescue knew we had to do something for this adorable guy.

We brought him in to foster care and he rapidly won the hearts of everyone he met.

George was diagnosed with Glaucoma and blind in both eyes. His eye pressure was through the roof on his right eye so we opted to have it removed to keep him pain free. He was also heart worm positive and had treatments.

I fostered George and we learned quickly that he had figured out how to navigate smoothly. George was lucky he found a wonderful place with our rescue partner Almost Home. We know he is in great hands and so thankful for our pilots who help us save/transport so many!!

Sandy was found wandering the neighborhood in the Hyco Lake area and was picked up by AC.

She has the prettiest light color soulful eyes and we immediately knew she deserved a chance. Pat Endsley answered the call to foster her and we are so glad she did!! 

Myra was left in the after hours drop off kennel with no additional information. She was full of milk and so we knew she had a recent puppy litter. She was in the shelter for about 3 weeks, so her time was up and we sent out the plea for help. Deborah Wilkins answered the plea to foster Myra.

Myra is a smart girl and obvious someone had spent time with her in her previous life as she knows basic commands and came to us housetrained.

We are so glad we could give Myraa chance and thankful to Almost Home for finding a Foster to Adopt home. 

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