Fireworks Feedback


I'm pleased to report that the pair of Mutt Muffs I purchased specifically to help maintain my sanity (and my dog Roger's sanity) on the Fourth of July pretty much did the job. He could hear me when I called him but he didn't seem as annoyed as in previous years by the sound of firecrackers and other fireworks as in past years.
Greg Hunicutt, Seattle


Subject:  It worked!

The muffs really worked for the 4th of July. The fireworks were going off outside, but Mimi just lay down and rested throughout! What a relief that she was no longer afraid. Now we are ready for thunderstorms in the future, too.

Thanks for a great product.
Nancy Kalish






Subject:  Mutt Muffs

My wife ordered these things.  I take it all back.  When I opened these things up, i thought, "yeah right!?!?"   But they acutally made a difference to Mickey during the fireworks.  And I mean a big difference!   Last year he bolted, and was gone all night.  I'm looking at these things now, and still don't understand how, but they worked.  And so you know, I've never written a testimonial before.

Jeff Engel








Subject:  July 4

i am so tickled.  not only was lucy a calm little dog last night, but cute as heck.  i spent a couple days practicing with her to get her to wear them.  once they were adjusted good they fit perfect and stayed on really good.  we're gonna take them for her on the boat next weekend.  the motor is really loud.

Joanne Funt