Rhode Island Urban Search & Rescue

Max and I are loading into a National Guard Black Hawk helicopter at a joint training at the Quonset Point National Guard base (home to the Sea-Bees). We practice twice a year to keep the handlers and the dogs familiar with working in and around helicopters.

Max and I are waiting to practice loading and unloading from the helicopter.

The joint trainings also help the National Guard practice having to work with the dogs and understand the needs of the handler and the canine.


Max and I are practicing repelling from the Providence Public Safety Complex parking garage. We practice repelling to help prepare the canines and the handlers for the possibility of being asked to repel from a building or structure.

Max is all prepared for today’s helicopter training. He has his Mutt Muffs to protect his hearing and they also keep flying particles from getting into his ears as well. Doggles to protect his eyes and his harness to allow me have better control in case of an emergency