Service Dog Blayd

Blayd lives with his handler in Queensland Australia.  He is a one and a half year old Labradoodle who was rescued from an animal shelter and put into training to be a Medical Alert Assistance Dog.

His handler loves movies, music and live bands, but was always too concerned about potential damage to Blayd’s hearing to risk taking him along, which meant that she also missed out.  Thanks to his new Mutt Muffs, Blayd is now able to assist his handler almost anywhere, and his handler can enjoy the music she loves again.

Medical Alert Assistance Dogs can assist people who suffer from many different conditions such as Epilepsy, Anxiety, Diabetes, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and more. They are trained to alert their handler if their condition requires attention, warning of oncoming seizures or giving ample time for medication to be taken. In this way, Medical Alert Assistance Dogs enable their handlers to live relatively normal lives, and go about their day in confidence knowing that they have a loyal guardian watching over them.


Update 4/14/2008....

This photo was taken recently at a concert.   Blayd had an awesome time!