Saturday - May 19, 2012

Queenie, Haley & 8 Puppies

As told by Pam, who is a true rescue angel...
"Queenie is the most heart breaking story.  A groomer that Peggy knows contacted her after Queenie was put out beside the road at her house.  Kay told me that she saw a blue pickup truck that had slowed in front of her house. Behind the pick up truck, she saw this pup running as fast as she could to catch up with it.  Kay went out to to the road and saw that the pup had finally sat down in the middle of the road exhausted.  Kay called for her and the pup came right up to her and laid her head on Kay's leg.
Haley's owners were both in declining health and Kay asked me if I could find a rescue group that could place her in a better environment while she was still young.
The 8 pups came from a family that had the dad, mom and all 8 pups in a muddy, nasty pen.  A volunteer with another group contacted Border Collie Rescue volunteers to see if any of them could take the pups, but the pups looked more beagle, like mom than border collie like dad. One of the border collie volunteers asked if one of the northern groups could take them. Then they needed someone to foster the pups until they could be transported. If not, the pups could very well had gone the way of "free puppies", which meant they could have been used as bait pups for dog fighting rings, or they may have ended up at the animal shelter where they would had been gassed."
We've worked with Pam and Vickie and Peggy and all the wonderful NC volunteers many times before.   They do so much good with very little resources, which is why it was my pleasure to have a Fox 45 News crew fly the mission with me.   This is a cause that needs a voice.
Fox 45 News reporter Joy holding one of the puppies and Haley.
Michele with the beautiful Queenie.   It breaks my heart to think of her life before the rescue volunteers found her.   Not only was she tossed out on the side of a road, but this little girl had scars all over her.   In spite of all this, she is a warm cuddly lover, and some family will be lucky to have her.

Puppies are SO cute!   Most of these cuties had adoptions waiting for them in Pennsylvania.  

Michele gets the "N Gang" settled in for leg 1.    In no particular order, they are Nataline, Natasha, Newman, Nickleby, Nigel, Nikita, Niko, and Noelle.

Preflight instructions were simple - No poo in the plane.

Joy was a real trooper.   I'm betting most of her assignments don't entail quite so much dog hair.
We're all loaded and ready to begin leg 1 of this freedom flight.   At KDMW Westminster, MD, the canine lovelies will split up into two private planes.  The puppies will travel to West Chester, PA.   Queenie and Haley will fly to Syracuse, NY

We had a beautiful 2.5 hour flight across the Virginia countryside and right up the Chesapeake Bay, and arrived safely back at Westminster, MD where leg 2 pilots Elliott and David were already waiting.

The airspace was complicated by the G-8 Summit at Camp David, but we had a mission to complete.

Leg 2 pilot Elliott and co-pilot Tom ready to get some of that puppy love!
And that puppy love had quite a welcome in West Chester
after family...
after family....
after family...
after family...
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after family...

after family....

met sweet puppies and fell in love this day.

We wish happy new lives to all our passengers.   

God bless.   Mission Complete!

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