May 16, 2010 - Scooter & Libby

Scooter and Libby are brother and sister, about one year old.  Their owner decided that they weren’t good prospects to be trained as hunting dogs.  So he dropped them at the local shelter, effectively signing their death sentences. Perhaps this man wasn’t aware (or didn’t want to believe) that purebred dogs get put to sleep just the same as mixed-breeds do. Perhaps he thought surrendered dogs aren’t put down. Unfortunately, because of the overcrowding and lack of funds at shelters in many states, that’s exactly what happens–unless the rescue groups can reach them in time.

Luckily for Scooter and Libby, Rhonda, with the Animal Protection Society of Person County, works tirelessly to save as many death row dogs as she can.   She found a home for them with Susan at Ohio English Setter Rescue

Scooter and Libby with Rhonda and friend at Persons County airport (KTDF). 

Co-pilot Cheri with Scooter.

The thought that these two beautiful, perfectly adoptable dogs would have been gassed hurts. 


We arrive at Mutt Muffs home base (KDMW) to meet pilot #2 Dave, who will fly the darlings to their new home in Ohio.

Cheri and Libby are now best friends. 

Mission Complete!   Scooter and Libby are now with Susan at Ohio English Setter Rescue

We wish them happy new homes and long healthy lives

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