May 7, 2011

Shyla and Henley

Henley is a 4-5 month old male lab puppy and Shyla is a lab mix about a year and a half.  
Henley was found as a stray in Pender Co, a little puppy running around by himself.  When he got to Pender Animal Shelter, they had no other choice but to put him in a kennel with two other adult dogs and they picked on him!  It's awful enough to be at the pound, but to be bullied by your kennel mates is just awful for a poor little puppy!  We are so thankful that we were able to get him out of that awful situation and he has a wonderful family waiting for him in MA.  He is a sweetheart.
Shyla was found as a stray, in South Carolina, rummaging through trash, looking for her next meal.  
Both dogs were at the front on the death row line when the wonderful rescue volunteers pulled them out and fostered them until lucky new families were found for them.
All that was left to do was get these loveable creatures from NC to MA, and we did exactly that on Saturday May 7.    Happy Mother's day to two lucky new moms in Massachusetts!

Rescue volunteer Pam with the loveable Shyla.

Pam and Vicki were waiting for us when we landed at Rocky Mount, NC

Everyone gets acquainted in the airport lounge.  

Left to right - Pam, Vicki saying goodbye to Henley, and Team Mutt Muffs Michele getting to know Miss Shyla

Co-pilot Pat and his new best friend Henley.   Henley is an absolute darling
Rescue volunteer Vicki and Team Mutt Muffs Pat and Michele with our passengers.   We're ready to load up and fly these sweet dogs on leg 1 of 2, which will deliver them to new happy lives
We had a beautiful flight back to Westminster, MD.   Safe on the ground, the dogs got to stretch their legs and meet their next pilot David.
David with Shyla.   Time to load up and make the final flight of the day.

Leg 2 Pilot David ferried these cuties to New Haven, CT.  

It was a long, confusing day for two young dogs.   An even longer day for David.    He ran a 1/2 marathon early in the morning and then donated the rest of his day to fly two deserving souls home.

What would have been a four-hour round trip for him turned out to be much longer.    He had to wait out some thunderstorms that had developed over PA before he could start the trip home.

Many thanks go to David for going above and beyond today.


It's always worth it though.    Rescue volunteer Lynn met David at the airport in Connecticut and then drove these darlings home to Massachusetts.   Here she poses with Shyla.

A long day for two sweet dogs, but I know they felt loved at each stop.   

We wish them both the happy homes they deserve.

Mission complete!

And we have video!

Shyla and Henley have made it to their final destinations! I just wanted to thank all of you again for your help in making this happen. We see so much of the "bad" in rescue.. it is so wonderful when a group of animal lovers come together to make a difference. It reminds me that there is hope for the human race :) Thanks! Christy
WOW!! What an incredible day in the life of two very special little creatures that were, not so long ago, all alone in the world.  It was a TREMENDOUS effort on everyone's part and I am so so happy for Henley and Shyla!  Each of you played a monumental part in saving their lives and I can't thank you enough. For little Henley, who a short time ago was picked up as a stray after being all alone as a baby and brought into the Pender Co NC Animal Shelter and being picked on by his kennel mates and with his days numbered, and to little Shyla, who just a while ago was trying to survive on her own, alone and up against who knows what- rests peacefully tonight because of each of you..
I've only been in rescue a short time but I am continuously amazed at the kindness of the people that I encounter in working with homeless animals. Your time, your energy, your money, your kindness that you sacrifice for these wonderful little souls is incredible and each of you should be so so proud of yourselves. You have made a difference that matters. You do not turn away when a helpless being is in need. You do not look the other way with the idea that someone else will help... You, All of You, are that someone. I can't tell everybody how proud I am to be a part of YOU. 
Rest well tonight little sweethearts, Henley and Shyla.. for you have all of the love in the world and the world wants you to have that second chance at a life filled with love, plenty of belly rubs and lots and lots of wonderful times. Christy and Jen, I know you will communicate with their forever families just how wonderful and special they truly are.
Its been a true pleasure working with you all, and I look forward to working with everyone again.
Take care and God Bless,
Pender Co Animal Shelter Volunteer
I cannot thank you all enough for what you've done for these babies, and to our amazing transport pilot volunteers, you've inspired one of my colleagues, who is currently in the process of obtaining his pilots' license, as he will want to join the ranks of dog-transporting volunteer pilots once his license is in hand!

Holland and Kim, thank you for caring for these precious dogs, and Lynn, as always, thank you for stepping up and doing all that driving to get these babies home...

And, of course, to Leslie and EVERYONE who worked so hard to coordinate this... You are all rescue angels...

SAL Volunteer
What a fantastic job, everyone. So glad to be a part of another successful rescue. We'll be available for the next time. "Half-Way Home" is the temporary haven for PCAC and can help with overnight stays and transports. Happy to be part of another rescue.
Cindy & Art
"Half-Way Home"
Pender County Animal Shelter Volunteers
This is Sarah, Henleys new mommy! I heard you were asking about him, hes doing great! He went to the vet the other day, and they said they think hes more like 7 months old instead of the 3-5 months we had originally thought, hes 30lbs and the vet said he probably wont get to be more then 40lbs.  Hes still on the Doxycycline to prevent any tick borne illnesses.  Hes so quiet and well mannered, its nice to see him finally yesterday acting like a puppy and pouncing around in the yard, hes starting to come out of his shell! I adore him, hes the perfect match for me! We nap together and I cant wait until he finally knows that he is in a forever home!

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