July 20, 2013

Spike and Pearl


As told by Diane, Foster Mom...   Spike was abandoned in 2009. He was literally thrown over the fence at the kennel during the night. The next morning when the owners awoke and started their day, he was laying in the yard. He was skinny but very friendly. The first thing he did was beg for a tummy rub. Our numbers at the kennel and our foster homes were at an all time high so he was placed in the warhouse. It's a large building but there are no kennels as it was never designed for animals to live there. So crates were put in to house the dogs. I visited him 2-3 times a week and never once in 3 years did he give up hope. He remained a happy boy always always begging for tummy rubs. I finally got an open space and brought him to my home in Jan 2013. He blended right in with my entire pack of dogs. He was wonderful.

Pearl was in a high kill gassing shelter in Tarboro, NC. Her pic was posted on petfinder in Jan 2012 and she was listed as a DOGO, which I had never heard of. But somehow a rescue group saw her pic and wanted her. The got my number from someone and asked if I could pull her and hold her until they could arrange transport. That shelter is an hour away but I agreed. However, when I saw her I knew she was a pit/boxer. She was a darling. But I called them and said, I don't know what a DOGO is but this is a pit/boxer. I sent them new pictures at their request and they were no longer interested in her. But I could not take her back. So I had her vetted and she became one of my fosters. She's been with me since Jan 2012. She is wonderful. My friend has a daughter that walks in a lot of 5k breast cancer awareness events. She always took Pearl with her. Pearl loves to walk and loved the attention. These were two of the lucky ones. Our shelters do not adopt pit or pit mixes to the general public. They must be pulled by a rescue group. With so few pit rescues. fosters and adopters i'd say about 95% get gassed. Heartbreaking. But Pearl and Spike are two of the success stories. Thank you all

Thanks go to Diane with the heart of gold to take in two thow-away pit bulls, and thanks to Pam and Vicki for help coordinating this transport.   Team Mutt Muffs was honored to help these two loving souls on their way to the happy lives they deserve.


Meet the lovely Miss Pearl.  It's a crime that this breed comes with such a stigma.  As with any breed, pit bulls, when properly socialized, make wonderful, loving pets.  This girl is 70 pounds of pure love.  It's true - there are no bad dogs; only bad people.

Pearl and Spike about to fly "Air Mutt Muffs" for leg 1 of their journey.  

Spike was the most generous with kisses.  It must be common knowledge by now in NC shelters that kisses buy the boarding passes for passage to new homes.  

The lovely Pearl is settled in and ready to fly.  

With the back seat removed, the duo had plenty of room to stretch out and relax on the flight.    (*We should have removed that seat years ago*)

We made a quick departure.  The East coast had been suffering a heat wave for a week.   The oppressive heat was uncomfortable for pilots and dogs while on the ground, but worse than that was the ripe conditions for thunderstorms.   

Also if you look close, you'll notice the "bag of motivation" on the dashboard.   I mean Pupperoni.


We had a surprisingly smooth flight up the Chesapeake.   Here Spike meets his next pilot Steve and tries to pay for the next flight to a better life.
Spike is such a sweetheart.   After a kiss, he drops for a belly rub.

Many kudos to pilot Steve.  The 2nd leg came with increased chances of thunderstorms and the possibility of having to divert and wait things out with two pit bulls.  Mother Nature was kind to this transport though, and two loveable wiggle butts now finally have a chance to find families of their own.

God Bless, mission complete!


***  U P D A T E  8/13/13  ***

Pearl went to her new home this past Saturday as a foster-to-adopt, and they fell in love with her and are keeping her! I just have to get the adoption contract to them this weekend and it will be finalized.

I know Pearl's new mom Maria. 
Maria is a RN (registered nurse),  LVT (licensed veterinary technician) and she is Hospital Manager at The Veterinary Cancer Center not far from me.  She takes Pearl to work with her, where everyone loves her, and she is showered with attention. 
Here's a photo of Pearl in her new home, as you can see she has a little canine sister called Peggy Sue and she also lives with 2 cats. Both cats and both dogs sleep with Maria and her boyfriend!

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