Summer, Radar, Riley & Rusty

November 17, 2012


Thank you both so much for getting our pups to their destiny!
The 3 pups, Rusty, Riley, and Radar were surrendered to the shelter. The owner has surrendered two litters of puppies in the last six months. We are in contact with the owner to assist in getting the mom spayed. The little guys were thin and wormy when we pulled them, but they blossomed in to beautiful healthy boys!
Summer was rescued along with her mom and 3 siblings. The mom is a purebred basset hound and obviously she mated with a labrador, thus the pups are bassadors! Summer has a new adopting family waiting for her. 
Thanks again!

What a beautiful day for a flight, and what more perfect reason to fuel up the plane than to fly to North Carolina and meet our lucky passengers, and the wonderful rescue volunteers who saved their lives.

Here the rescue gals pose with Summer, and the pups - Radar, Rusty and Riley

One last photo before we all load up for the flight to Philadelphia.

We arrived safely at KLOM, Wings Airport in Philadelphia.  

Summer meets her new Mom.

The puppies headed to temporary foster homes.   I understand applications for their adoptions have already been received.

God Bless!  Mission complete!  And Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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