November 11, 2017

Emma, Calvin, Oakley, Henry and Scout


As told by Pam, NC rescue volunteer ...
Our best guess, Emma, Calvin, Oakley, Henry and Scout are boxer/hound mixes. Their mom, Penny, was adopted from a rural county shelter in Goldsboro, NC in July by the Worley family. They noticed that she was gaining weight but shrugged it off since she was a stray that came from the shelter and now in a home where she was being fed daily meals. The weekend prior to giving birth, Penny was acting “unsettled” but the family didn’t realize that the behavior was due to her about ready to give birth. The following day, when the mother of the family arrived home from work, she found “Momma” Penny with new born puppies. Being responsible pet owners, they took care of the pups and contacted a rescuer that referred them to another rescuer that foster for Animal Placement Agency of the Windsor to take the pups once they were weened off of mom.
Momma Penny is now spayed and will never need to worry about adding to the over population of dogs in the south or where her next meal is coming from. She is now living the “good” life as part of a family. Eventually, her puppies will also find their forever homes further north. 
(This was funnier when the mom was telling me this. She said they were in denial that there was a possibility that Penny was pregnant. I have to say that I was very impressed that they kept Penny and didn’t return her and her pups back to the shelter. This was one of the rare cases of working with a very responsible and caring family. I wish more families were like this so I could retire without feeling guilty.) 



It was a beautiful day for flying, except it was cold cold cold!

We meet our cute little fur balls at Halifax airport

Co-Pilot John collects payment for the flight.  Boarding passes cost one kiss

Vicki says goodbye and wishes a safe, happy life to this little puppy.  Time to load up.

Did I mention it was cold?

All aboard!
Pilot Michele collects payment for the last ticket

Leg 1 is complete.  We meet the next crew at KDMW, Westminster, MD.

The Skytech crew there is the best.  Between fueling planes, someone always comes out to help with the puppies.

And we're grateful for the help.  Five puppies are a handful

Leg 2 complete.   Five well-traveled puppies are now safe.   Families won't be far behind.   

God bless, mission complete

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