September 8, 2013

Victoria and Rose

As told by Sylvia with "A Shelter Friend"...

I wish to tell you a little about the 2 girls that you flew Saturday.  

Rose and Victoria were pulled by A Shelter Friend as an extremely urgent need!  Both were medical emergencies and would have had to be put down by the Elizabethtown NC Shelter, because they are a county Shelter, poorly funded.  They are unable to  pay for medical attention.   

When this happens, they call A Shelter Friend  and we step up.  We beg for money and treat their problems and then look for rescues to take them in.  

Rose had severe cuts on both her paws nearly to the bone.  And Victoria had a skin condition, very treatable, but the shelter could not risk that it might be contagious . It was not, but because they have no vet on staff, they had no way of knowing that.  Both girls entered the Shelter Friend Quarantine Program and thrived.    

A couple of weeks ago, Ann, from Animal Rescue Foundation called Debbie asking about 2 other puppies. however they were adopted. and these 2 were suggested.   Ann had room and was very receptive and worked at getting them to her.  We met 2 wonderful pilots, John and Pat, who are members of Pilots and Paws, who  flew into the airport in Goldsboro NC to pick up these happy girls.  Pilot Brian met them in MD and flew the second leg all the way to NY.  Thank you from A Shelter Friend!   Rose and Victoria are so happy to start looking for their forever home.    

Team Mutt Muffs pilot John meets Victoria
Victoria with co-pilot Pat, wondering why this is taking so long.

Mmmmm.   Tasty.  

Rose and Victoria play away some energy before the flight

Everyone is loaded up and ready for leg one to MD

All hail Queen Victoria!   She's on her way to a life she never dreamed possible.   

We wish both of these beauties safe and happy homes.   God bless, mission complete.

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