October 8, 2011

Corene, Lexie, Bennie and Wobbles

Corene, Lexie and Bennie - 3 little terriers started the day on a ground transport in GA in order to make their flights beginning in Winston/Salem NC.   Little Bennie is missing part of one of his back legs, and it's believed he is Lexie's brother.   All three are sweet as can be, and will at last have a good chance at adoption.
Wobbles is in WV and must first fly to NC to join the transport.   This poor boy has neurological seizures that cause him to "wobble" and stumble.   In Philadelphia, he'll get the medical treatment he very much needs.
Team Mutt Muffs flew the anchor leg this time delivering all four souls to waiting rescues.  


Wobbles at the Bluefield, WV airport with Lisa and her daughter.   Lisa is the director of the Mercer County animal shelter.   Lucky for Wobbles, she has a very good heart and took him into her home until a safe place could be found for him.

Wobbles has a neurological condition which makes it impossible for him to stand or walk.   It was heartbreaking to see him try over and over again, only to stumble and fall each time.  


We meet up with Leg 2 Pilot Kay at Martinsburg, WV.  


Corene and Wobbles enjoying the layover at Martinsburg

Kay and Co-pilot Cheri working to untangle Bennie and Lexie.   Wobbles is trying to join in, but the poor boy just can't stand up.

One last flight to Philadelphia will deliver them all to good homes.

We were told that  Wobbles will be adopted by a veterinarian.

God bless.  Mission complete!

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