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Stevie - Border Collie

Attached is a pic of my sound sensitive Border Collie Stevie wearing his mutt muffs. Stevie is 7 years old and developed sound sensitivity about two years ago. He has panic attacks during storms and fireworks. My vet tried medication but it unfortunately did not decrease his panic. Stevie has done a lot of damage to my house during storms and fire works. When the mutt muffs arrived I was able to easily follow the instructions on how to fit them. They are designed to fit with two Velcro straps and Stevie wore them easily after putting them on his head and feeding him a few treats. Our staff member Maren Jensen also ordered a pair and used them on her sound sensitive dog with the same outstanding results. After fitting them on Stevie I simply gave him a food stuffed toy and that kept him busy and away from rubbing on the mutt muffs. Since they are really well designed he seemed happy and content to wear them. He did not panic and scratch the doors or scream bark like he usually does during fireworks. Another cool thing is that the mutt muffs are drug free! If you parent a dog with noise phobia or have clients with this type of issue this is an excellent product that I recommend highly. I have no financial agreement with this company, I simply want to give these folks a well deserved plug! Please feel free to cross post and spread the word about this great product. Happy training, Ange (





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