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Panda and Meatball

Reprinted with permission from "When Ted wrote about Mutt Muffs last year, my wife loved the idea. In fact, having the ability to take our pups flying with us was a key factor in my case for buying an airplane. My wife enjoyed seeing all the planes at the Sport Aviation Expo last month, but she had one main mission in there: find and buy two pairs of Mutt Muffs. She found the Safe and Sound Pets display at the expo and scooped up some Mutt Muffs right away. Now that she's had a few flights in N5792C and is reasonably confident in my ability to get it into the air and back again safely, she decided that it was time to take our pups flying. With blankets across the seats, dog seat belts secured and Mutt Muffs on, we took a couple smiling dogs into the air on a nice afternoon. (Panda's the black one and Meatball is brown.) The muffs worked well and we could tell they made a difference. Panda's weren't adjusted correctly at first and they came off. It was obvious that he could tell the difference and liked flying better with the muffs on. A quick adjustment and he was good to go. I was surprised how well they did in the plane. They decided it looked like a big car and hopped right in. They weren't huge fans of flying through afternoon thermals, but got used to even the bumps. We're glad we can take the whole family flying with us now and are looking forward to some cross countries with them. Not to be too partial, but I have to say both we and our pups are big fans of Mutt Muffs. Jason & Jennifer D.





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